How to Take Care of Your Ferrari in Summer

How to Take Care of Your Ferrari In Summer

You just bought the Ferrari and wondering what you can do to save your vehicle from burning heat of summer in UAE? Here are the few tips for you Ferrari care during the summer days. It is necessary to follow these tips as all seasons affect your vehicle differently. As it can be hard to make new maintenance routine for your luxury car during summer. According to a research, temperature inside your car raises to more than 195°F when its surface is exposed to direct sunlight. The air temperature inside also increases after that. You can keep your Ferrari working fine during summer by following these simple suggestions.

Wash Your Ferrari on Regular Basis

Extreme weather conditions like high temperature can cause your Ferrari’s paint get fade and crack. This is also necessary to remove dirt and dust from car’s body so that dust particles may not create micro-scratches on vehicle’s shining surface. Keep it in mind that best time to wash your car is before sunset or early in the morning when temperature outside is suitable for doing such things.

Regular Tire Pressure Checks

It is necessary to check tire pressure regularly especially during summer when rising temperature can affect tires badly. High temperature causes air to expand and forces apply pressure inside the tire which may cause it to blowout in extreme situations. It is important to check tire pressure regularly. Always follow manufacturer’s recommendation and tires safety instructions to avoid any accident.

Use Conditioner on Leather Seats

Burning sunlight is harmful for your Ferrari’s leather seats. The shining look of Ferrari’s interior can be maintained by proper care. To maintain the original look leather, seats need to hydrate just like human skin. Which is done by using proper moisturizer. To avoid tears and cracks on your Ferrari’s seats, apply conditioner regularly. It will also help to maintain smooth surface of seats. The other thing to keep your car safe from sunlight is to invest in windshield protector. It will protect your car’s interior from harmful sun rays, especially in parking lots with no shade anywhere.

Cooling System and Fluids Check

You can’t let your Ferrari to be overheat on roadside. It is more essential to check car’s fluids in summer. The cooling system of your Ferrari needs particular attention. Check your belts to ensure antifreeze fluid drained and changed. Read the detailed instructions on vehicle’s manual. Your vehicle can get overheated due to low fluids level creating several other issues with the engine.

Car Waxing

Keep the car surface looking its best car waxing in the summer can keep your car protected from UV rays in sunlight. Car waxing works as invisible protection layer between sunlight and your car’s surface. Wax does not only protect your car from sunrays but it also acts the same way for dust particles and rain water. It is really simple to apply wax on car’s body and you can do it yourself without any hassle. Car washing can also be done at your local car wash center.

Follow these tips to keep your dream car in its best form. For any kind of Ferrari repair service in Dubai visit any Ferrari authorized workshop.

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