Why You Need Third Party Certification For Your Business

Third Party Certification

Any sort of third party certification involves an independent organization—especially one that has extensively reviewed the various manufacturing (and other processes) of a product. Only then will it be able to determine that the company’s final product is in full compliance with different pre-established standards for quality, safety, and performance.

Such an inspection or review typically includes the following:

  • A comprehensive formulation and material reviews
  • Testing and processing facility inspections

As a general rule, the certified products will proudly bear the certifying company’s mark on their packaging and marketing material. This will help end consumers make educated purchasing decisions.

Why Should a Company Seek Third-Party Certification?

Independent third party inspection and subsequent certification can help an organization in the following manner:

  • It will demonstrate full compliance with both national and/or international standards, rules, and regulations
  • It will clearly demonstrate independent validation as well as verification of the certified company’s commitment to the quality and the safety of their products and standards
  • It will increase the credibility as well as the acceptance of its products with consumers retailers, and regulatory bodies
  • The company will benefit from the enhancement of its product quality and safety

A key advantage of third party certification is that it involves verification from external sources. This means that there is no conflict of interest. This leads to universal acceptability all across the supply chain.

Comprehensive Third-Party Audit

The company applying for a certificate would usually have to go through multiple inspections in order to achieve final approval. After the approval, many companies have to go through a formal audit process at least twice a year at their respective approved facilities. This is to ensure that they are in strict compliance with the various standards that constitute that particular certification.

Independent Third-Party Inspection Companies also act as Quality Consultants

It is of pivotal importance to understand the role of the third party inspection company when it comes to improving product quality. They will methodically go through the various manufacturing and operational processes and clearly identify quality defects. They will also check for finished products that are not in compliance with their standards. This is because they have the experience and the expertise to ensure that the applicant’s products are of the quality required for the coveted certification.

Moreover, they can also suggest various processes that might be responsible for or contributing to quality control issues.

They can Help the Company Improve its Customer Relations Efforts

The customer is not really sure about the status as well as the overall condition of their order until they receive the finished product. By the same token, the manufacturer does not get any feedback from the consumers of their products until the customer receives them. This is the part where third party inspection companies come into the picture. The seal of quality that a third party certificate bestows on the manufacturer can be the reassurance that the customer needs before they commit to a purchase.


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