Huawei Color Band A2 AW61 Review

Huawei Color Band A2 AW61

Huawei continues to compete in the technology markets and this time via its new watch, the Huawei color band a2 aw61, recently launched by the Chinese company, with an attractive design, great features and most importantly, its competitive price!

To find out the new Huawei color band a2 aw61 watch spec, we have prepared this article specifically for you. Below you’ll find a comprehensive review of the watch with its most prominent features, disadvantages and price, so let’s start!

Important features such as heart rate sensors, steps, calories count and sleep monitoring are no longer special features for smartwatches, but rather a prerequisite for smartwatches! This is why competition has intensified between global companies to provide their best in the smartwatch market with the aim of

acquiring the largest percentage of sales, and this is exactly what Huawei is working on! Let’s see How will the new Huawei color band a2 aw61 surprise us.

Huawei color band a2 aw61 design:

Huawei color band a2 aw61 watch was manufactured with an elegant and slim rectangular design, thanks to its light weight that does not exceed 22 grams, You won’t feel it on your wrist! While it is made of glass and metal, you can easily attach it to the strap or even remove it while The strap is made of silicone, on which a special texture is applied, as a result of which the product is firmly held on the hand, even if it is wet. The watch is protected against dust and moisture in accordance with the IP67 standard. Colors: black, white, red, lemon and its dimensions are 20.5 x 46.8 x 11.2 mm.

Furthermore, Huawei provided the watch with a thin layer on the front and back to protect it from shocks and damages while the watch also comes with a magnetic charging base for wireless charging and a USB cable.

Huawei color band a2 aw61 screen:

The special part of the Huawei color band a2 aw61 watch is that it is equipped with a wonderful a touch-sensitive monochrome OLED display with a diagonal of 0.96 inches. The backlight function allows you to clearly see the screen even in the absence of other lighting. Inside the device there is a non-removable 95 mAh battery. The battery is able to work 430 hours if the device is idle and 215 hours in working condition. It takes less than an hour to fully charge the device…

Huawei color band a2 aw61 performance and features:

As mentioned above, the Huawei color band a2 aw61 watch is equipped with the best features and specifications as it includes all the fitness tracking sensors, particularly the heart rate sensor and the sleep tracking sensor while it provides you with real-time statistics to keep you informed regarding routine activities, and at the same time, the screen displays information related to the number of steps, Bluetooth connection, battery, time and date, and once you click on it, the basic menu will be displayed immediately, and When you swipe the screen left or right, you will see the calories burned and the sleep quality you got last night.

When you swipe the screen away from the main menu, the smart watch automatically activates the sports mode for running and walking, and once you start moving, the sensors begin to track your heartbeat and the rate of calories you burned while running, the watch also displays notifications that you receive such as messages, calls, alarm and other app notifications Facebook, WhatsApp, and emails trough vibrating gently every time you get a new notification!

Huawei Color Band A2 AW61 equipped with Bluetooth technology so that you can connect it to your smartphone through the Huawei Wear app and all you have to do is synchronize your smartphone through the Bluetooth connection with the smartwatch and after synchronization, you can see the statistics and data that are important if You are a fitness freak, clearly on the screen of your phone, while the Huawei Wear app provides you with the ability to customize notifications so you can enjoy the silence.

Why buying Huawei Color Band A2 AW61?

  • The watch is Compatible with common mobile platforms.
  • Measures heart rate with high accuracy.
  • Stylish, cute and unremarkable design unlike other competing watches
  • An impressive Touch OLED display supports multi-touch
  • Moisture-proof technology is provided that allows you not to part with the bracelet even in the pool.
  • Long battery life and fast charge.