5 Tips on How to Become a Masterful Manual Car Driver

Men Drive a Car

You might be new to manual, or you might just want to take a look on what’s up in the manual cars world to get into it.

Choosing to drive a manual car is a whole new world of driving and control over your car.

You have many options to choose from and can offer you a much better grip on the road, and the car itself.

That is if you think you have what it takes to control that gearbox…

After all, a lot of people admit that manual is too complicated for them and they don’t even like driving to begin with, and would sell a car any day to replace it with an automatic one.

But if you’re a true motorhead, take a look at these tips that you might be excited to learn and try out on the road ahead.

Tip 1: Learn to Clutch

This tip probably isn’t the first one that comes to your mind when you’re shopping for a car that’s suitable for a manual transmission.

But when you have the chance to learn how to shift gears, you might as well take it… and what better way to learn how to do it than to go to a car place and ask someone to teach you. There are many resources available online to get tips and tricks on shifting gears and driving. Of course, if you’re the only one driving, then this might not be the best idea, but there are some websites that offer public teaching sessions, and you can take that opportunity to learn your way around the car.

Tip 2: Get the Right Gear

Start with the smallest and simplest gear that you’re going to be using the most, it will come in handy once you’re comfortable and feel comfortable…

You’re set with your first gear, take note of the low-speed gear selector by the gear shift knob. This will come in handy during acceleration and for those times when you want to keep it on the road, especially when you’re first learning how to use the manual gearbox.

Tip 3: Use Your Left Foot

You have to learn something very important: Your right foot is only for brake and gas pedals, and your left is for the clutch.

Only when you want to change gears though. That’s because when you leave your foot on the clutch you will be damaging your transmission and your clutch.

Never use your clutch suddenly. Keep it in a smooth motion, that’s what your left foot has to get used to.

Tip 4: Get comfortable

All manual car owners will agree with this…

Manual driving is not for people who can drive a manual car for fun. A lot of people who say they like to drive a manual are doing so only because they don’t want to be left behind on the expressway.

And believe it, you’ll get left behind. What I’m talking about is the fact that when you drive a manual car, you’ll definitely miss out on a lot of things. In a manual car you don’t get the fast, flashy acceleration that can be achieved in an automatic car. Even in a manual car you won’t be able to do the ‘shifting’ up and down the gears, because in a manual car you’ll be shifting by hand – not by an electronic lever.

In short, you’ll feel like a chump. Don’t be a chump. Get comfortable with the manual first before making the commitment, and then you’ll never get left behind.

Tip 5: Make Use of Your RPM

You’re probably used to driving on the highway, where the car goes up to its maximum engine RPM…

And that’s fine in some situations, but when you’re driving on a twisty road like a mountain pass, you have to lower your engine RPM and use your revs to maintain a constant speed.

That means you have to change gears manually and you have to go over your gas tank’s gas range to maintain your driving speed. Of course, your car will do most of this work for you, but the latter is your job as a driver.

Now you know some of the most important things related to driving a manual shift… take control and be one with the car you’re driving because that’s the right way to drive and how you get the right feel on the road you’re driving on, and soon enough you will want to cash your car to get a manual beast as soon as possible.

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