Why Women Should Do Weight Training and What Equipment They Can Buy for Home

Women Weight Training

Who says that only men should lift weights to stay in shape? It’s such a cliché.

Women can make good use of strength training to keep create a beautiful body and great health.

No, simply doing cardio or a 2-hour run won’t do you any good. At least, it’s a ‘no go’ when you want to gain muscles, make your skin tighter and keep yourself healthy. That’s what you get from lifting weights.

We’re going to break down all the major reasons why women should do weight training. Plus, we’ll also suggest some equipment you can get your hands on for an effective workout at home.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Why Women Should Do Weight Training

There are tons of benefits you can get from weight training. However, we’re focusing on the major ones here. Read all the benefits and you’ll be shocked.

Burning Calories

During your first 30 minutes session, cardio burns calories a lot, TRUE THAT! However, lifting weights burns more calories overall. And guess what? Cardio won’t help you much when it comes to building muscles, but weight lifting will.

When you’re talking about maintaining your muscle cells, you’ll need more energy than you do when it comes to maintaining fat cells. For which, as you lift more weight, you actually give your metabolism a good boost. As a result, your body turns into an awesome fat-burning machine.

Raising Metabolism

“Weight training is the perfect thing for raising your metabolism. If you increase the mass of your muscle, the resting metabolism will get a boot. As a result, you’ll be able to burn more calories” quoted by Mr. Tim, a fitness trainer from UAE and the CEO of Gym equipment Dubai.

At least this is what Mr. Tim says and his recommendation is to mix weight training with a specific exercise program such as cardio for ultimate health results.

Getting Your Muscles on Track

You’re not a Lady Wolverine or some comic book super hero who doesn’t age. Researchers show that when you cross 30, you’ll lose muscle mass and your hormone production slows, we’re talking 1% per year.

However, if you’re not that physically active, you’ll lose about 3 to 8% of muscle mass each year. So, if you’re getting weak or suffering from decreased stability, don’t say ‘I didn’t see that coming.’

The worst part? You’ll gain a lot of weight and there’s a huge risk for you to get osteoporosis. What’s the solution then? Weight lifting! As you strengthen your muscles, you’ll be able to prevent this loss of muscle mass. In fact, the mass will increase all by itself.

Man Workout with Gym Equipment

For best results, you can go for 2 to 3 total body-strength workouts every week. Just make sure you try 30 minutes minimum in every session. You can also try some cardiovascular exercise 3 to 4 days a week on alternate days.

Heavy Lifts = Stronger Bones

Remember we talked about Osteoporosis earlier? NEWSFLASH! This disease is getting more prevalent in the UAE, in the UAE alone 400,000 are getting affected. You’ll get the goosebumps when you’ll know that 80% of these people are WOMEN. Well, at least that’s what National Osteoporosis Foundation says.

The good news is, you can say goodbye to such a negative prognosis once and for all by engaging in weight lifting activities. This will strengthen your muscles and you’ll end up having stronger bones.

Keeps Your Heart Healthier

Facing blood pressure issues? You can lower it by lifting weights. You see, during weight lifting, your muscles get contracted. This pushes the blood back up to your heart. And when that happens, your heart recirculates the blood, which obviously is oxygenated, to the muscles.

So, with regular weight training your cardiovascular system works better than ever. Besides, you get to enhance this effect as you maintain lean muscle mass.

Decreases the Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes is probably one of the worst things you’ll ever face. You can have a bad lifestyle and the next thing you know, you’re getting diabetes even when you’re young.

Well, lifting weights can turn the tables. As you bear the weights, your body starts to process the sugar in a better way. This will make sure you can maintain a safe distance from diabetes.

However, if you’re diabetic already, then you might have to go for an extended strength-training period. This will improve your control over the blood sugar. Plus, you’ll get better results when you take your diabetes drugs.

In fact, if you combine aerobic exercise with strength training, you’ll get more positive results than you usually get from drugs.

What Equipment You Can Buy For Your Home

  • Barbell
  • Ohio Bar
  • Deadlift Voodoo Olympic Bar
  • Weight Plates (Standard Plates and Bumper Plates)
  • Short Power Rack or Wall Mount Rack
  • Weight Bench
  • Dumbbells Set
  • Kettlebells
  • Curl Bar
  • Weight Lifting Belts

Wrapping Up!

By now you’re convinced weights should be a staple part of your health and fitness regime.

So, what’s keeping you? It’s time to make a list of your equipment, get them and start working out. As for your new shape, it’s just months away.


This is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of any advice or treatment from your personal medical doctor. Readers and participants are advised to consult with their own doctor regarding any health concerns or conditions or the treatment of such conditions.