When should you go to a vet clinic?

Vet Clinic

Our pets play a crucial role in our daily lives and are essentially a part of our families because of the loyalty and devotion they exhibit. With the ability to provide emotional support, increase serotonin levels, and lower stress levels, pets are lovable and dependable companions. However, in contrast to human family members, pets are unable to express their pain or distress verbally, and it becomes challenging for pet owners to recognize their animal’s symptoms when they become ill or are hurt. Whether your pet has encountered an altercation with another animal, is inexplicably ill, or has consumed something unsuitable, there are signs to look out for to determine whether they need emergency care or if it’s suitable to wait for a future appointment. Here are some warning signs to identify that your pet is in discomfort or is under the weather. 

1. Irregular Eating Habits

For pets to have strong brain functionality, healthy development, and an enjoyable lifestyle, pet owners must feed their animals a nutritious diet. Although it might be common for pets like dogs to skip meals from time to time, an excessive amount of a loss of appetite can be a sign of serious medical issues. Abnormal eating patterns can be complex. It’s possible that your pet is overeating or refraining from food, which both indicate metabolic disorders such as thyroid, cancer, cushing disease, etc. Any time your pet completely stops eating, it is a medical emergency since it could be an indication of a more severe injury. This is an alert for all pet owners to contact their veterinarians or visit a vet clinic. 

2. Abnormal eye appearances

Visible redness and hazy or unusual eye discharge may be alarming as they could be an indication of systemic diseases, infections, or wounds. Additionally, squinting and pawing of the eyes may indicate the presence of glaucoma, corneal ulcers, or dry eyes. In general, if one eye is infected, it may be an indication of an injury or infection, whereas if both eyes are afflicted, it may be a sign of a systemic condition, and your veterinarian should be consulted. Modern Vet is the only specialist referral hospital housing an opthamologist.

3. Sudden Weight Loss

If your pet’s weight is dramatically changing, a serious health condition might be indicated. Possible diagnoses for abrupt weight loss include digestive issues, liver failures, or diabetes. You must visit a veterinary hospital if your pet loses more than 10% of its normal body weight.

4. Lethargic

Pet owners frequently ignore a pet’s tendency to become lethargic, but infections and hindering diseases may be a diagnosis. Weakness and fatigue in your pet are indicators of chronic and life-threatening disorders. Therefore, pet owners must go to a veterinary facility as soon as symptoms are observed.

Some Symptoms that call for immediate medical attention are:

  • Collapsing
  • Seizures
  • Swollen abdomen
  • Difficulty in breathing 
  • Frequent vomiting 
  • Poisoning
  • Severe bleeding

It is extremely advised that you take your pet to the nearest veterinary practice if they show these symptoms. This will enable prompt treatment of the illness and reduce the likelihood of any future complications. Modern Vet is a well-established hospital with all the necessary equipment to treat your pets with the best quality services and care. With a highly regarded team of specialists,it is renowned for its versatile treatments and the compassionate assistance they provide. With various locations for your convenience, visit Dubai’s most well-rounded veterinary clinic.