Pros and Cons of Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Live streaming services enable the transmission of audio and video over the internet in real-time. Of course, it is interactive and that’s why more viewers are tempted to watch it . While streaming, one of the most frequently asked questions is what strategy should be followed to create and share the content? Should they be live-streamed, or should they pre-record content to make it available on-demand? To¬† find the answers to these questions read this blog and you will be able to decide what is right for you.

Pros of Live Streaming

Fear Of Missing Out and a Sense of Immediacy:-

The fear of missing out (FOMO) draws the attendees to view the live stream videos. People are bound to watch because the video might not be available later to watch. And what if they miss out on this great event? A live stream grabs the attention of attendees and urges them to watch the live stream immediately.

Real-Time Interaction:-

Gone are the days when the audience could only watch live and sit idle. The streaming services in UAE open up the ways for 2-way communication. There are plenty of options for the presenter to have real-time interaction with the audience. Live chat, Q/A, polling, and surveys are few strategies to encourage valuable interaction among the attendees and speakers.

Generates more Profit:-

The live streams are cost-effective and eliminate the need to spend on the production and editing. Moreover, with the live streaming platform, you can record and store the video for future purposes. You can easily download and share it on-demand.

Long Duration Engagement:-

The live stream does not provide an option to pause, rewind, and forward. It means the audience is bound to stick to the streaming and encouraged to watch the content unless the streaming finishes. After all, viewers do not want to miss out on anything. If the live stream gets the ability to hold the attendees for a longer duration then attendees may watch your other content or start following you.

Builds Trust and Creates Brand Awareness:-

The interaction with the brand creates a sense of trust in viewers’ minds. The audience feels connected with the brand while watching the live stream which is not similar in the case of pre-recorded content. They can feel more enthusiasm and zeal whereas, in the latter case, the audience feels left out. Of course, this connection helps in creating brand awareness.

Repurpose Content:-

After finding these advantages of live streaming, you will be glad to know that live-streamed videos can be stored and used for repurposing like pre-recorded videos. The virtual event platform enables the broadcaster to share the video with social media channels freely. Edit the video and make it available on-demand. You can also cut the 15-30 sec video and upload it on Instagram stories and reels.

No restrictions:-

Another benefit of live streaming is you get the freedom to live stream. You can stream live for a longer duration without any restrictions. With the Online Event Platform, you can broadcast ad-free live streams, unlike Youtube and Facebook where ads are annoying.

Cons of Live Streaming

Technical Challenges

Sometimes, technical glitches occur while live streaming. Maybe the error is not from your end if the attendee has slow internet connectivity. It leads to buffering of videos, delay in streaming, and streaming low-quality videos. Moreover, it can discourage the attendee to watch the live stream and divert to something else.

The errors may occur due to the failure of the live streaming platform. Therefore, it is always suggested to stream through a reliable platform like Dreamcast to avoid such mishappenings.

While streaming, one of the most frequently asked questions is what strategy should be followed to create and share the content? Should they be live-streamed, or should they pre-record content to make it available on-demand? Well, there is no specific answer- yes/no. The exact answer to the question relies on determining the pros and cons of live streaming services and selecting an option that fits your requirements.

In this blog, we discuss the pros and cons of live streaming for organizations to help them develop the best strategies for their growth.

Different Time-Zones

One of the biggest challenges that occur while live streaming is to choose a favorable time for the global audience with different time zones. It gets too difficult to choose the timing that suits everyone. Even though you have faithful customers but chances are rare, they will stay awake in the middle of the night to watch your live stream.

The solution to this problem is to play live streams many times to cater to the audience globally. However, it is not feasible for every business to run streams plenty of times. Therefore, they can analyze the data analytics of past events provided by streaming services in UAE, and based on that, choose a preferable time.

No chance to edit or censor

Live stream means whatever is happening at the event, just broadcast it. There is no room for editing or censoring anything. Sometimes, some mishappenings may occur during the streaming, but you can’t cut that part as the broadcast has hardly 30-sec delay and what you can do in this short time. However, with streaming services in UAE you can put a ” Sorry! We are experiencing technical difficulty” slide in the middle but that leaves a bad impression. Also, some viewers may turn out.

Need to Practise

The only way to perform a good live stream, you need to practice a lot. Keep rehearsing for the event and try to figure out if any changes are required. As we said earlier, the live stream doesn’t allow you to edit your mistakes so keep practicing to perform error-free. Also, make sure you learn from the viewers’ feedback and work on the mistakes that occur.


After looking at the pros and cons of Live streaming, we have to come to the point that there are more advantages than disadvantages. We urge you to leverage the live stream and explore the endless possibilities through live streaming services to engage your audience.

Develop a connection with your audience and build a relationship with them through streaming live. You can also get in touch with a live streaming platform like Dreamcast to assist you at every step from planning to executing live streams.