6 Things to Consult with Your Moving Company

Moving Company

Moving is a big decision that demands your attention on delicate details on everything including hiring the right moving company in Dubai. Because if you miss something, you might end up paying more or increasing your stress during the move.

From packing to apartment hunting and disabling your DEWA connection, there are too many exhausting phases of your moving journey. And you hire a moving company in Dubai such as Moveit or Bluebox Movers in Dubai or any other to reduce your load, right? But not knowing what exactly to ask might make your move an unpleasant experience when you seek to hire a mover.

So, we jotted down few essential points that you must consult with your moving service provider in advance. Let’s begin!

Moving Plan

No idea where to start your move?

Well, why not ask your moving company to help you with the execution plan? See, you don’t need to do everything by yourself and you can always ask your moving company in Dubai for a little help.

And start doing so by asking if there is a supervisor that they’ll assign to you?

Because having a supervisor can be a lot of help during the execution phase of your move. So, go ask if they have a moving plan for your move (with a supervisor) or not.

Insurance Coverage

Offering insurance is quite common amongst the moving companies but there are some questions that must be answered before you sign the contract.

According to general insurance your items are secured against breakage during the transition, right? What if your items are lost (or even worse theft) during the transition phase?

Will, the chosen moving company in Dubai, compensate you in other cases than breakage instances? That’s the real deal that must be addressed in detail before you hire a moving company.

Packing Facility

One of the many things, that you must ask your moving company in Dubai, is that if they offer packing service, too?

Its important to ask because you might not be an expert in this area of your move. And packing poorly may affect your move’s successful execution. So, why not ask for an extra help in packing everything correctly?

Packing Material

First time with the moving stuff and no idea from where to buy the packing material?

Usually, every moving company has a packing material section in their offerings because not every client is equipped with this precious knowledge. And why risk your items by using unauthentic packing techniques and poor packing material?

Also, asking for high quality packing material can ensure full safety of your items during the transition phase.

Truck Type

See, every client has different moving needs!

So, when it comes to truck selection, never hesitate to ask for different options. Usually, a moving company in Dubai would have a truck with covered roof to follow RTA’s rules. But if you want to drive yourself, you may opt for other options like wooden boxes that can be placed in your vehicle securely.

Or maybe if you want to have your items delivered via a mobile storage container in order to reduce moving cost.

Hidden Charges

One essential tip is to read the contract carefully to avoid any hidden charges!

If you happen to hire a low budget moving company in Dubai and miss to confirm their moving quotes, you might end up paying more. So, as a rule of thumb, always read your contract very carefully in order to avoid becoming a prey of hidden charges in the middle of your move.