When Do You Need To Change Your Locks? (5 Reasons)

Choosing the best locks for your home doors when you moved in might have seemed like an intelligent choice, but when is it time for them to be replaced? Did you know? Many people think that it lasts forever. Door locks have to be replaced at some point and you need a professional for door locks change, you can try services of locksmith in abu dhabi if you are resident of that area.  

A wise homeowner makes sure the house is safe from intruders by taking all possible measures. The most crucial step is to know when to change the locks on the house. Every household will have a different set of circumstances, but the tell-tale signs remain the same.

Here is the list of the top signs when you need to replace your door locks:

  • Unauthorized Duplicate Keys
  • Stolen/Lost Keys
  • Moving Into A New House
  • Old Locks
  • Repair Damaged Locks

Let’s explore the signs in detail when locks need to be replaced!

Top 5 Signs Your Locks Need To Be Replaced

Door Lock Replacement

Here, I’ll discuss the reason why you need to replace your door locks. If you find any of these, please contact your locksmith to change the locks without wasting time.

Find out the 5 top signs to change locks!

#1 Unauthorized Duplicate Keys

The majority of break-ins involve duplicate keys. It is essential to be vigilant as a homeowner to protect yourself from this possibility.

Rekey your locks if you have ever given someone duplicate keys and don’t trust them anymore. The excellent idea is to replace your locks with digital locks.

These devices are easy to use and reprogramme once removed from the property. When you’re an owner of a building of rental apartments, then you need to put digital locks.

#2 Stolen or Lost Keys

If your keys are stolen or lost, you should replace the lock on your door. Your apartment unit or property security is reduced when you lose control of your keys due to missing or stolen keys.Same goes for Car keys, you will face a difficult situation if your car keys are lost or damaged. What to do in that situation? You can use different options, and one option is to utilize the car key maker near me. This option may be helpful.

Some landlords assume that nobody will come back and try to access the property with the key, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

#3 Moving A New House

To ensure your home’s security, you should always install locks when moving. It’s possible to find an old key, including keys that previous owners have given to friends, children, and other people in their lives.

The term includes real estate agents, contractors, and anyone else who had access to the house during this time. If the home had been on the market for a while, a lockbox would likely be on the door. It would have been easy to copy this key.

Note that a landlord generally needs to permit you to install new locks if you’re a renter. Furthermore, you may be asked to provide your landlord with a key if you’re allowed to install new locks.

#4 Old Locks

Having outdated locks can pose a serious security risk as they are easy to pick and often get stuck, which could rest in you being locked out of your home.

If you notice your locks are rusted and difficult to open a wave before the locks let you down, you need to replace them as soon as possible. Installing a new lock improves your security and leaves you feeling at ease.

#5 Repair Damaged Locks

You may not be able to lock your door if you’ve damaged locks, and your keys may not work as well. If you aren’t interested in replacing damaged locks, you may wish to consider rekeying if you like the look and you can try services of door lock dubai.

When the lock is rekeyed, the locksmiths can address issues with the cylinder or chamber and oil the lock for improved functionality. As a result, rekeying a lock only works with new keys, so it is equivalent to installing new locks from a security standpoint.


Do door locks wear out?

Eventually, locks that have moving parts will wear out. When you jam the wrong key into a spiral or repeatedly lock and unlock the door over time, you can damage the internal mechanism, resulting in a key that sticks or is difficult to turn.

How long should a door lock last?

It’s common to believe a door lock will always work. Depending on the amount of use, coils and hardware store quality can last decades. According to locksmiths, locks on residential properties typically last about seven years on average.

Final Thoughts

Unless you replace your door locks with worse locks, there is never a downside to replacing them. Strong locks are one of the most important aspects of home security, and a strong lock can differentiate your home from the rest.

Many other reasons to replace your locks, but these 5 are more important ones that most homeowners deal with regularly.

In the end, I hope that this list will help homeowners make the right choice when it comes to their locks and help them stay vigilant about the security of their homes.