Vidliz Expands Its Data-Driven Online Marketing Services in the Middle East

Ben Artzi, Co-Founder at Vidliz
Ben Artzi, Co-Founder at Vidliz

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — ( — UK-based data-driven online marketing company Vidliz announces its expansion into the Middle East market. The company has achieved success in the EU by becoming a leading data-driven financial marketing agency. This encouraged the management to have a fully dedicated team to serve the Middle East exclusively.

Headquartered in Oxford, the United Kingdom, the 6 years old company Vidliz is stated to be the globe’s leading data-driven financial marketing agency founded by Ben Artzi.”2022 was our best year. We had tremendous growth in the Gulf region and so we decided to have a dedicated team to provide our services to the Middle East region by transitioning from a smaller team,” said Ben Artzi, founder of Vidliz.

Vidliz offers specialised services in designing measurable marketing campaigns. These campaigns are frequently and automatically optimized utilizing proprietary scripts and algorithms.

On how traditional online marketing companies are losing their appeal in the industry, Ben Artzi said, “With consumers getting bored by the conventional forms of advertising that are not relevant to them anymore, our company focuses on highly targeted marketing with the help of algorithms. It helps serve the intended audience and clients with their specific goals and wants. As the data is measurable and quantifiable, there is no need to convince the clients as data shows them the success rate.”

Vidliz and its financial expertise are imaged in the way it collaborates with its clients. Vidliz assists industry-leading brands to guarantee marketing success with their Finance 360 approach to advertising; PR, web and app development; reporting and analysis; videos and animation, and more. They have a friendly team of experienced professionals who ensure to make data an integral part of their client’s digital marketing efforts.

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