UAE Attempting Ways to Avoid Spread Of Coronavirus Pandemic

UAE Attempting Ways to Avoid Spread Of Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus, the deadly disease that has devastated the health sector and created a huge blow to the world’s economy, was first experienced at Wuhan, China. It is noticed to be a new strain of the virus which was attacked in 1968. It gets triggered with normal flu and cold and worsened the health condition of the patient causing kidney failure and lungs damage. The virus resides in the respiratory system of a human being and some say that it originates from animals.

In the year 2003, the virus had a new strain with the name SARS and after nine years it returned with its new strain MERS. It has been observed that the virus that has now attacked the world will come back after almost a decade.

About Coronavirus

Coronavirus commonly known as COVID-19 is a strain of viruses that attacks the lungs and respiratory system of a person. It originates from dry cough, high fever and severs flu leading towards kidney failure or death due to poor intake of oxygen. It causes shortness of breath by attacking the major parts of the lungs. Those having a good immune system can fight back though no anti-virus drugs are being invented yet.

Many scientists are still discovering and experimenting with different formulae to come up with an effective drug that can entirely stop the spreading of the virus within a human body. The major threat lurks upon the age group above fifty and younger than fifteen years old. As these are the two groups of society with weak immune systems.

Symptoms Of The Coronavirus

Coronavirus like all other normal cough and fever viruses may show similar signs but the intensity differs. A person can easily find out if his health condition is getting serious or not. The virus creates a severe impact on the human body, uncontrollably high fever; severe mucus and sore throat are some of the commonly observed symptoms. The worst thing about the virus is that it gets detected after almost 8 to 10 days of getting affected.

The virus is easy to spread. It can spread from person to person and makes air bond as well. The molecule less can survive in the air for up to 3 hours. Similarly, different objects and materials have a different time to stay affected by the virus. For example on a metallic object, it lasts longer than 6 days.

Coronavirus Outbreaks in The UAE

During the first wave of Coronavirus, when Wuhan and other cities of China were struggling with the repercussions of the virus, some of the travelers flew to different parts of the UAE. With their arrival, the spread of the virus began to enter the UAE territories as well and the outbreak begins.

The first case was reported back on January 29th, 2020 of 73-year-old women. She was a Chinese national and came to spend the holiday. Soon after that cases begin to increase.

As the number increases, the government started to warn its residents and travelers and began the distribution of masks and sanitizers.

Near the end of January, around five cases got reported, this marked the first week of the virus in the UAE. In the month of February, more cases began to surface and eventually, the government announced a complete lockdown. The quick measures the UAE government tool to end the outbreak or to take control of it proved successful. In March, around 612 patients were tested negative and the number of patients begins to decrease.

UAE Shuts Down The Malls

A country is known for its happening tourism and lavish lifestyle, now was deadlock with residents advised to stay at home. No malls or parks were open, even the religious sacred places were closed as well. The high-end life of Dubai and other parts of the UAE are all sealed until further notice. Though the government announced a two-week shutdown but they have to wait until the situation gets under controlled.

UAE Enhances & Improvises Its Healthcare Sector

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the UAE government took special measures to improvise its healthcare sector. New resources and better medications were provided to the patients. The doctors from every corner of the region were called to perform their duties apart from this cutting edge technology and tools to keep the doctors equipped were dispatched at the hospitals.

It was not just about how much UAE spend on Healthcare Industry but the dedication the government is showing matters the most. If you compare the stats of the outbreak, UAE is far behind the rest of the countries. It got its screening deployed on every terminal at the airport along with this, employers are asked to get their employees treated and checked.

When improvising the healthcare policies, Dr Ramadan AlBlooshi reported, “As an integral component of the UAE health ecosystem, Dubai Healthcare City Authority is committed to providing the highest standard of patient-centric care in line with the national efforts to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are working closely with the relevant health authorities to update our measures to enhance our preparedness in responding to the requirements of this evolving situation to ensure the safety of public and healthcare professionals.”

The UAE healthcare organizations have deployed certified specialists and professionals to treat the patients. New isolation wards are set up with well equipped staff. Each member of the staff is advised to stay covered to avoid the transmission of disease. Proper hygiene measures are taken to comfort the patients and treat them in the intensive-care units. The entire UAE nation has come close to fight this pandemic.

Advice For The Residents

The UAE government has advised the residents to stay inside their homes and avoid social gathering. They are notified through various platforms to avoid touching face, rubbing eyes or sneezing without covering their mouth. In case of any symptoms, they are asked to show up at the hospital urgently. With feasible medical treatments and screening charges, the government is encouraging all to stay attentive and safe.