The Secret Source of Planning and Cutting Fancy Color Diamonds

Premier Diamond Group (North America) Ltd.
Premier Diamond Group (North America) Ltd.

ONTARIA, CANADA — (EMAILWIRE) — The secret source of planning and cutting Fancy Color Diamonds (FCDs) depends on knowing how well diamonds’ facets interact with light to bring sparkle to consumers or investors.

Facets are the flat surfaces found on different shapes of diamonds after they’ve been cut and polished. These surfaces, depending how they are cut, allows light to penetrate into the diamond and bounces to the viewer. The intensity of the sparkle the viewer sees depends on the cutting of FCDs. The cut has to be precise for the light to enter the diamond, so that it bounces throughout the gem so as to create a radiant effect.

There are three different types of diamond faceting.  These are Brilliant Cut, Step Cut and Mix Cut.

Brilliant Cut

The brilliant cut, also known as the round brilliant cut has 58 facets with culets.  This cut is designed to maximize diamond sparkle.  Brilliant round cut diamonds have the most popular shapes and cuts. Theses gems use many triangular facets to shine as bright as possible according to The Dimond Authority (TDA).

Step Cut

The step cuts are rectangular with facets parallel to each other. The purpose of a step cut is to “increase the diamond’s elegance with fewer facets and more trapezoids and rectangles,” explains TDA.  With Clarity, an online publication, considers step cuts as striking, stylish and quite trendy.

Mix Cut

The mixed cut, on the other hand, combines the brilliant and step methods to create a uniquely beautiful diamond.  The perfect mix cut diamond contains the sparkle of a brilliant cut and the interesting shape of a step cut.

The secret source in planning and cutting FCDs, lies in the knowing that “the cut” is the most important process to bringing a diamond to the market. It must be carefully planned to ascertain which faceting is suitable for a particular market.  Consumers, like investors, often consider the brilliance in the finished product before buying.  If in doubt which cut is suitable for purchase, it is essential to contact an expert in the natural-colored diamond industry.

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