Set Up Your Luxury Home Gym in UAE

Home Gym

Home gyms are becoming vital to counter the stress of the Covid-19 and also maintaining your fitness routine despite pandemic restrictions and quarantine.

Do you have a spare room that you always wanted to turn that into a gym.

Great, but the fact is most home gyms remain unused. If you want to get most out of your gym then, you have to turn it into a place you actually want to spend time.

Let’s have a look at the fitness equipment you need to convert any regular dusty room into a luxury gym.

Complete Barbell and Plate Set

It will be one of the equipment that will set the tone of your gym. You can do everything from squats to deadlifts to all manner of chest and shoulder presses. Invest in a quality barbell and plate set. “A complete set must have at least eight each of 5-pound, 10-pound, and 25-pound plates and four each of 35-pound and 45-pound ones. Your total amount of each plate should be even, so that you’ll get a perfectly balanced bar” stated by Mr Tim, a top fitness guru from Gym fit out Dubai.

Pull-Up Bar

Install a pull-up bar to get efficient and effective workout at your home. Avoid buying the common doorway pull-up bar models. It limits your range of movement and also has the risk of crashing down even if installed properly. Invest in a heavy-duty model that gives you much more space for movement and provides more safety.


Investing in a one or two mirrored walls will give you the same feel as any commercial gym. It improves the lighting and makes it seem larger than it is. You can ensure the correct technique and your form while performing the exercises by looking into the mirror. Plus our vanity definitely gets a boost which in turn motivates people to stick with their fitness regimen and perform better.

Ciclotte bike

Ciclotte bikes are made of ultra light and strong carbon fibre. Resistance is obtained through an electromagnetic system that can be remotely controlled via Bluetooth. It is designed such that it recreates the feeling of cycling on the road.

Ciclotte Bike

Water Rower

A Water Rower makes little noise, looks stylish and requires little care. It harnesses the power of water stored to provide resistance. With a water rower, there is no switch to select the resistance level because the faster you row, the greater the resistance offered by the water – just like rowing on a lake.

Peloton bike

Peloton bike is high quality exercise bike that offers the benefits of live and on-demand workouts. Train with instructors from the comfort of your house. They motivate and encourage you to do better. Peloton offers live leader board that feed off your competitiveness. Enjoy the studio cycling experience at home.

The Peloton bikes and app have a 92% retention rate which is incredible and unheard of in the fitness app space.

Power rack

If you are planning on doing heavyweight training. Then, do invest in a solid, four-pronged power rack. It acts as a mechanical spotter for free barbell exercises. Nowadays, numerous power racks are available online with different strengths and weaknesses.

Power Rack

Jump Rope

Smart rope from Tangram is a LED embedded jump rope that can show your fitness data even in mid-air during a workout. It is lighter, easier, and smarter with adjustable length. Have more fun doing cardio workout with jump rope.

Jump Rope


For an effective strength training and cardio workout, punching bags are a great option. And a variety of bag routines helps you in footwork, balance and faster reaction time. There are a number of high-end quality punching bags are available that can bear years of sparring and still maintain their quality.


The Theragun is a massage device that uses percussive therapy i.e. a massage technique to soothe sore muscles.