Luxury Gold Shopping In Dubai

Gold Jewellery

Dubai is known for its high-rise skyscrapers, particularly the Burj Khalifa. Nevertheless, due to its booming gold markets, Dubai is also known as the “city of gold.” Dubai’s Gold Souk is an eighth marvel in itself. You can get everything from simple trinkets to full-fledged gold body wear and armour in Dubai’s Gold Souk. There are numerous possibilities for engaging in luxury gold purchasing in Dubai.

Aside from the variety of gold accessories available, the gold sold in Dubai is of the highest grade. The 1 gram gold rate is lower when compared to other countries. You can buy gold ornaments in various carat weights to meet your budget. As a result, it is critical to understand where the finest sites to shop for gold in Dubai are. This article has comprehensively explored the top places in Dubai to shop for luxury gold.

Dubai’s high-end gold shops

Dubai is well-known for its gold shops since the 1-gram gold rate in Dubai is relatively inexpensive. As a result, Dubai naturally attracts gold jewellery buyers and investors from all over the world. We have selected some of the greatest Dubai gold shops to provide you with a better understanding of gold shopping.


Joyalukkas has a prominent position in Dubai’s gold market. You may get a wide range of gold accessories with the highest quality craftsmanship. In addition to gold, you may order your gold decorations after customizing them with diamonds and stones. The most remarkable thing about Joyalukkas is that it gives the best luxury gold ornaments at the best prices. They also keep selections from the most extraordinary global gold brands. For example, you can find gold jewellery collections from Zenina and Veda that would otherwise be difficult to find. Their popularity has grown throughout the years. As a result, Joyalukkas presently has more than five branches in Dubai alone. One of its branches can also be found in the world-famous Diera Gold Souk.


Pure Gold Jewelers is one of Dubai’s oldest and most well-known gold jewellery retailers. Their history dates back to 1989, and they have continued to provide consumers with the most excellent quality gold jewellery in the twenty-first century. The most unusual jewellery designs can be seen here. Pure Sparkle, Nakshatra, Eternity, Napoli, and Miracle are some of its most well-known collections. Furthermore, if you have always wanted diamond-encrusted Swiss watches, you can find something you like here. It also sells expensive Swiss timeless pieces, so you do not have to travel to Switzerland for a state-of-the-art Swiss watch.


Malabar Gold & Diamonds organization has the most extensive collection of gold jewellery. They follow Dubai’s 1-gram gold rate in Malabar Gold and Diamonds. As a result, you can buy luxury gold jewellery for as low as 3000 Dirhams and reach as high as 16,000 Dirhams. Malabar Gold and Diamonds, in addition to its gold jewels, offers gift cards that can be used anywhere in the world. With this gift card, you can purchase gifts for loved ones, family members, or close friends. One of its gold outlets can also be found in Deira Gold Souk. Thus, remember to stop by here if you are going to Gold Souk.


Kalyan Jewelers Dubai is the overseas division of Kalyan Jewelers, an Indian gold enterprise. When you walk into its showroom, it will astound you with its magnificent collection. It is undoubtedly among the top gold jewellers in the Middle East, let alone Dubai.

The best gold workers and artisans are employed by The Kalyan Jewelers, who etch their artistic vision on gold. Due to this, only designer collections of antique jewellery are available. The individuality of each gold piece makes each piece of jewellery from Kalyan Jewellers unique. The best collections of Kalyan jewellers’ luxury gold include heritage and diamond jewellery. Your ornaments can be made into many other accessories, including chains, nose rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.


Everyone knows that the 1 gram gold rate in Dubai is significantly lower in Dubai. As a result, Dubai is one of the most well-known luxury gold shopping destinations. Furthermore, it provides low-cost gold decorations and excellent gold investment options. On the other hand, gold lovers can find magnificent designer collections in some of Dubai’s world-class gold jewellers. Even more so, you have read about everything. Therefore we hope you enjoy a fantastic trip in Dubai and bring bags full of gold back with you at prices that best suit your pocket.