How to Prepare a Business for a Post-Pandemic Future?

Prepare a Business for a Post-Pandemic Future

Well the global crisis is wreaking havoc in the business world but we have observed that not all companies are losing money. Now, before getting into the blog let’s take a look at some corporate winners as of this moment.

With more people working from home the demand for technology that enables online group meetings has been growing rapidly. The shares of video conferencing companies like Zoom have risen by 50% since February.

Similarly the demand for TV shows and movie to watch at home has soared so much so, streaming services like Netflix and YouTube are reducing the quality of their streaming in regions like Europe to ease pressure on the internet services.

While super markets also say that they have never been this busy, sales at big retailers like Sainsbury are up by almost a quarter. Millions are turning up to online fitness classes and home workouts, as a result the shares in U.S home gym equipment supplier Peloton rose by 14% just last month.

Now if we look at what is going on, we can observe that it is the idea that was the need of the time that translated into a multitude of success. Keeping this in mind let’s take a look at some the business niches which when focused can increase the chances of medium to small enterprise in order to earn great respect and success.

Niche “Parents”:

Firstly, I want to talk about parents because parents are experiencing things in their life right now that they have never experienced before. Kids are home all day and they want their kids to be in their iPads for nine hours a day but there is also a need for parents to get their kids to learn stuff.

There is distant learning happening at schools but people as parents want to also get through their stuff for the day. So, parents are concerned about how do they keep their kids active and engaged while parents get done with their own stuff like putting food on the table, which in turn is also necessary of the kids.

There is a whole new set of businesses being created right now that are helping parents in the areas like homeschooling, cooking schools and all the other arenas of parenting. Now is the time to focus in on that and make the lives of parents easy by providing remote parenting services.

Mobile app development companies are earning fast as they create apps that help parents keep kids occupied at home.

Niche “Content Creation”:

When we think about content creators right now, there are a whole lot of people wanting to consume more. Consume more YouTube videos, podcasts or blogs and that is great but there is a whole new set of people who are creating content for the first time and guess what they are going to need some help.

So, for business that start with the aim to helping those new content creators like editing their stuff, repurposing their content or developing them professionally have huge opportunities ahead of them.

If you happen to have amazing editing skills or video direction skills there is a lot of opportunity for you out there. It is predicted that there is going to be a boom in this industry as retail and entertainment are moving towards being totally online.

Niche “Public Speakers”:

Let’s talk about Speakers; they have been hit so hard during this time. People who used to travel to speak at events, now traveling is a huge risk and events are being canceled left and right. What do these speakers need to do?

Here is where you can step up and help these speakers in all different kinds of ways. There are a lot of virtual conferences happening and this might be an opportunity for you to be on a lookout for them and book virtual conferences for them. Secondly one can also help these speakers carry out their own virtual events and many of these speakers having so much experience talking about the things that they do presents an amazing opportunity to create content, blogs, social media posts.

This business idea when done with a mixture of content sharing and promotion can turn out to be an amazing start up idea which can grow to be something so much bigger in the future.

Niche “Starving Artists”:

Musicians, painters and all kinds of starving artists, guess what they were starving before the pandemic and now they might need help even more. There is a load of struggling artists right now that are stepping up to teach art and creativity.

There is a huge influx of people who are taking this time to learn a new skill. Now, this is where you step in by creating a platform that brings these artists and learners together. We all know that courses about hobbies and skill are always sought after by the audience.

By creating a dedicated platform that allows these artists to spread their skill can present a wonderful business opportunity for you. The platform not only allows for learning to happen in the form of courses by can also spread latest news and blogs showing what is happening in the art world.

Niche “Students”:

Students have been affected the most during this time and these students belong to all ages. But when we think about college students who have to pay off those student loans there is a very slim chance to be physically employed anywhere.

This is where you can take over, for students looking to make a supplemental income. There is great opportunity by connecting students who are at home to have a little bit of extra time to be connected with companies like software, online content and many other companies that might need help and are looking at a lot of remote work solutions.

So, a student coming fresh out of school can have a great working and leering opportunity which in this pandemic situation is not possible at all.