How to Convert Credit Card Payments into Easy Installment Plans?


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DUBAI, UAE – (ARAB NEWSWIRE) — Credit cards are now one of the most widely used payment methods across the globe, and for very good reasons. On top of providing cardholders with a means of making purchases before paying them off later, many credit cards on the market now offer exciting benefits like reward points and cashback, which can be used to offset future purchases and exchange for lifestyle perks.

That said, credit cardholders can run the risk of racking up significant debt if they are unable to pay off the accumulated outstanding balances in full at the end of the billing cycle. Any outstanding balances will be rolled over to the next bill and charged a high interest rate until the bill is paid off in full, which could result in snowballing credit card debt.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid racking up credit card debt. Apart from ensuring that outstanding balances are paid off in full at the end of the billing cycle, cardholders can consider credit card installment plans, which allow transactions to be converted into manageable installments across a fixed period, such as 48 months.

What Are Credit Card Installment Plans?

 As its name suggests, credit card installment plans allow cardholders to convert transactions into convenient, manageable installments across a fixed period, usually between 12 and 48 months.

How Do Credit Card Installment Plans Work?

By applying for a credit card installment plan, cardholders have the flexibility to convert their purchases into installment plans and make repayment in equal monthly payments. One-time processing fees may apply depending on the issuing bank. Cardholders may also check with their issuing bank on the availability of zero-interest installment plans, which typically allow them to convert their credit card payments to installments without additional charges. However, cardholders should note that interest charges may still apply if the outstanding balance is not paid in full at the end of the billing cycle.

Benefits of Converting Credit Card Payments to Installments

Here are some reasons why cardholders should consider converting credit card payments to installments:

  • Easy, flexible repayment: With credit card installment plans, cardholders can enjoy the flexibility of repaying the bill in smaller, manageable installments, which can be particularly helpful for significant purchases.
  • Better budget management: Since the transaction can be repaid in equal monthly installments, cardholders can better manage their monthly budgets and ensure they stay on track with their financial goals.
  • Continue earning rewards: Some card issuers may allow cardholders to continue earning rewards with every installment payment.
  • Quick conversion: Most card issuers allow transactions to be converted to installments instantly through digital banking.

How to Apply for Credit Card Installment Plans?

Most card issuers allow cardholders to apply for credit card installment plans through avenues like their official website, digital banking, mobile app, and SMS. For more information on how to convert credit card payments to installments, cardholders should contact their issuing bank.


Cardholders looking to make significant purchases can consider opting for credit card installment plans to convert their purchases into smaller, manageable installments. This way, they can avoid the burden of repaying the bill in full at one go and continue to stay within their monthly budgets. Nonetheless, cardholders should exercise discretion and use credit card installment plans responsibly. Cardholders can also consider speaking to bank advisors to determine if credit card installment plans are a suitable choice.

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