How ISO 9001 helps for Small Business?

How ISO 9001 Helps for Small Business

Generally this is a common question that how ISO 9001 helps for small business? And the answer is simple. The ISO 9001 standard is a basic framework of requirements to ensure a good Quality Management System for any organization with large or small scale. With ever increasing demands on small businesses on quality, price and service, the most effective way to enhance the confidence of customers is through a structured certificated Quality Management System (QMS).

One of the most common misconceptions about ISO 9001 certification is, it meant for big and large scale businesses. ISO certification can be just as beneficial for small businesses as it is for large, and the standards are designed to help all different sized businesses. However, 95% of all businesses in the private sector are small businesses!

As a business owner having set up and started running a small business it is absolute that there are systems in place to ensure a consistent quality service then how IS0 9001 helps for small business? As per the following concern like a small business it is necessary to look after employees as in many cases they will have helped with the start-up and contributed to the continued success of the business. ISO quality management certification ensures companies set out defined employee roles and identify how each employee affects the success of the company. The certification also requires your business to identify what training is taking place. As a small business it is essential that customers experience a consistent, efficient and dedicated service. A small business may not have the credentials or economies of scale of a large company but being ISO 9001 certified can allow your small business to stand out amongst large companies. The satisfaction of customers is not only improved by the knowledge they are dealing with a business that is internationally certified but also because the business will be running more efficiently and effectively.

Small companies helpful for realizing whole business improvement, and advantageous for growth goals. Consistency in workflows, quality, and processes will allow small businesses to think about improvement of their businesses.

The purposes of the standard are to allow a company to provide higher levels of customer satisfaction, along with consistently supplying products or services that meet customer requirements, as well as to achieve business goals and targets and to maximize profitability.

Specific Areas Where ISO 9001 Can Help

ISO 9001 certification can help a small business in specific areas, especially in business process consistency and supplier relations.

  • ISO 9001 certification can help small business to increase their business by building up business with the customers for whom certification is a contractual requirement.
  • ISO 9001 allows small business owners to gain a clear understanding of their business through gathering all of the valuable business information and data mandated by the various standard requirements.
  • When you are making decision on the basis of a feeling something is a good idea it is a risk. Business decision shouldn’t be gambled, especially when you are a small business. With ISO 9001 certification, Risk based decision making support your choice look at the facts before you make a business decision with the appropriate figures and be able to predict the outcome.
  • By implementing ISO 9001 standard requirements, your company will be better run, employees will better understand what is expected of them, and customers will be better served. With attention, care, and a little tenacity, you can take the steps to help your business stand out above your competition through ISO 9001 certification.

Business Advantages for Small Businesses

Small Business Advantages

Small businesses don’t often have the budgets to promote themselves effectively in international markets, but an ISO certification can make up for that since it is instantly recognized all over the world. According to ISO, more than 1 million organizations in over 175 countries rely on ISO certifications to improve their own operations and verify the quality of suppliers and partners. In many instances, ISO certification is a prerequisite just to talk to many of these international players.

Many organisations no longer accept bids from companies that do not hold ISO certification. By being able to show that you run an ISO system, you are more likely to be considered for a contract as you are showing that you are a professional company with a commitment to providing a quality service, no matter what your company size is. This will help you gain the edge over any competitors and level the playing field with larger companies.

Ultimate Goal of Business growth is maintaining customer relationship. As a small business, you will be able to identify and resolve customer relation issues quicker, smarter, and more efficiently before the customer even knows it.

You can also prove to potential customers that you are a consistent and reliable company, through the successful implementation of ISO 9001.

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This is a guest post written by Ahammed Niyas. He is a Management System professional and currently working as a Management System Auditor at TUV Southwest Company. He has helped many small to large scaled businesses to improve their Management system through Audits and training’s.