Highly Importance of legal translation in Dubai

Legal Translation in Dubai

Dubai as an example of sustainable economic growth

Dubai is one of the fastest growing urbanized cities in the world. Undoubtedly, Dubai has made significant progress in its scale of economic activities and development. Subsequently this economic transformation of Dubai over recent decades has been accompanied by major changes in relation to its population structure and living conditions. In other words, this progress is becoming part and parcel of citizens’ lives. But we will focus our investigation to the economic and institutional level in regard to its Impelling need of the highest quality of legal translation services in Dubai.

Legal translation in relation to the economic growth in Dubai

The  need  for legal translation Dubai and  qualified legal translators has drastically  increased in Dubai, particularly in this rapid and continuous economic growth era. Today, issues of nation, language and translation have been of dominant importance for the sake of world communication. Translation with no doubt is crucial for intercultural communication. Therefore, legal texts needed to be translated into different legal systems, in order to reveal the ambiguity in world understanding of their differences. Differences in legal systems can affect the attractiveness of a country as a market or investment site. A country’s law regulates business practices, defines business policies, rights and obligations involved in business transactions.

Thus the translator’s main task is to produce a text that will lead to the same legal effects in practice, which is based in the source legal system. When it comes to our team’s legal translation process in Alsun Translation Services, we guarantee their awareness of the legal background and legal terminology either in common law, civil law or international law. Therefore, our competent translators are qualified in providing the highest quality of legal translation services in Dubai.

Insight into the realm of legal translation

Texts  to  be  translated  in  the  field  of  law  come  from  various  text  genres,  but  are  mainly documents by  which  a  person  wants  to  enforce  a  right  in  another  culture: personal certificates,  diplomas,  contracts,  affidavits etc. Court sentences and some articles from legislative codes are also translated sometimes for information. But in all these translations, the validity and the meaning of those texts are bound to the source language culture, and this cannot be changed.

There  is  no  transfer  of  culture,  but  only  transparent  formulation  in  a “documentary  translation”. The  central  prerequisite  of  translation  as  a  dynamic  task  for  the  translator  is  to  comprehend the  given  text  within  an  adequate  legal  perspective.  For this purpose one needs a “well-grounded understanding”. Besides, a legal document must take the greatest pains to ensure that it says exactly what the draftsman wants it to say and at the same time gives no opportunities for misinterpretation.


As legal, economic and administrative systems evolved parallel to growing population mobility in Dubai, the creation of  civil  registers  to  record  births,  deaths,  and  marriages  marked  the  onset  of  administrative  control  of every  area  in life aspects, thus,  the  need  for  the  documents  emanating  from official  institutions  to be translated increased

Translators are intercultural mediators, thus, our team of legal translators in Alsun Translation services is ideally positioned to collaborate with their clients in Dubai and demonstrate that they can provide solutions rather than representing a problem in the communication flow.