Citibank UAE: 6 Reasons Why You Need a Good Wealth Advisor

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Dubai, UAE – (Arab Newswire) — Managing day-to-day finances may not be a complicated task. However, when it comes to the larger picture of managing the overall wealth, creating new wealth-building opportunities, and setting life goals, the situation may get overwhelming. In such cases, wealth management services may come in handy.

Wealth management is not limited to helping one select only the right investment opportunities; it takes a comprehensive and a tailored approach for every customer. Financial advisors work closely with each customer to understand their financial needs and requirements and to create a tailor-fit portfolio that aligns with their goals. By taking the assistance of financial advisors and with the right wealth management solution, one can enhance their wealth-building journey to reach their financial and life goals.

1. Financial Freedom

Having control of one’s finances can make one gain financial freedom. However, to experience financial freedom, one must also know which wealth-building opportunities to grab. As the options are abundant, selecting the best ones that align with one’s financial goals can become challenging. In such cases, a good financial advisor can prove to be a blessing. A financial advisor will help select the right investment products that may offer potentially high returns.

2. Maximizing Investments

Investment opportunities are galore in the market but it requires a sharp eye and skill to find those that can yield favourable outcomes. A good wealth advisor will let one maximize their investments by showing the true value of their wealth and by further investing it to get higher potential returns.

3. Tax Planning

Tax planning is a major part of wealth building. Though the UAE has no system of federal income tax, taxes are levied on specific sectors such as rental tax, property transfer tax, VAT, and so on. A good wealth advisor can help in planning the taxes of a customer by providing actionable recommendations.

4. Retirement Planning

To enjoy a financially secure and peaceful retirement, one must plan for it much earlier. A wealth advisor can collaborate and work with the customer to curate an investment portfolio that may facilitate a financially secured retirement.

5. Time Management

Managing investments by keeping track of market trends, investment insights, market analysis, and so on requires time. People who run on a super-busy schedule may not have all the time to focus on these subjects to maximise their wealth through investments. Wealth advisors can do such tasks on behalf of the customers, so their clients can put their attention to other important aspects of their life without any hassle.

6. Gain Financial Fluency

Sometimes one may not be too well-versed about market trends and investment products. In such cases, wealth advisors can offer their expertise and help their clients understand how investment products work and what are the risks that are associated. By gaining financial fluency, one can stay aware of where the wealth is going and how it is working.


By choosing the right wealth management solution, one can potentially grow and protect one’s wealth. There are various firms that provide wealth management services across the UAE. It is advisable to check and compare the overall services that are provided by different firms and then select the one that understands the needs and requirements.

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