Can’t open a bank account? Never mind, go virtual.

Myffin App

Have you just moved to the UAE? Then you know how difficult it is to relocate alone, never mind properly settle down and get used to everything. One of the most painful things about being a migrant is sorting out a convenient way to spend, earn, save, send, and receive money.

The obvious thing you would attempt to do when moving to another country is open a bank account. However, it can be quite challenging. Think of notoriously short open hours, endless queues and paperwork, and other unforeseen annoyances. Even though the majority of UAE’s population is comprised of expats, it is becoming increasingly complicated to gain access to seemingly basic financial services.

So, what is the answer? Fortunately, you can go another way! Nowadays, there exist some alternatives to conventional financial services. Think of banking, but without all the hassle. You can have one easy-to-use little application on your phone that allows you to manage all your money with a few clicks. 

Sounds great? Then we got great news! We are about to launch an app called Myffin, which makes for a perfect financial companion for expats. The app allows you to use several bank cards, easily transfer funds within the country and abroad, and effortlessly pay for all kinds of services. It also helps you efficiently manage your funds and earn passive income!

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