Best Tools To Create Personalized Social Media Wall in 2022

Social Media Wall

A personalized social wall has become the crux of every social event. Attendee experience goes to the next level through the personalized social wall, which is what event marketers want. However, creating a social media wall has also become tricky, given the number of social wall tools available in the market.

We will be making it easy to select the best personalized social media wall creation tool. We have mentioned the top social wall tools that would suit your business objectives. So, let’s get straight into that, but first, let’s understand what a personalized social wall is.

What Is A Personalized Social Wall?

A social wall is a one-of-a-kind real-time depiction of user-generated content on digital screens. Photos, videos, testimonials, reviews, and other user-generated content are gathered from various social and review networks, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others.

Attendees at events are engaged by the Social Wall, allowing you to bring your brand to their attention. As a result, a social wall is a goldmine for consumer interaction, social proof, brand support, customer trust, and high conversion rates, among other things.

Best Personalized Social Wall Tools

After understanding what a personalized social wall is, let’s look at the best personalized social wall tools worth trying!

● Taggbox

Taggbox is the the best UGC platform in Dubai. It allows you to compile social content from numerous social media and digital platforms, such as user-generated, branded, or influencer content, into one location. You may also customize your social wall with professionally created themes, layouts, styles, colours, and backgrounds, among other features.

Your social display wall may be easily exhibited on any digital display, from screens at live physical events to digital signs in stores and outside the home.

● Snapcastr

Snapcastr not only has a highly customized wall to help you reinforce your event’s identity, but it also makes it simple to integrate and highlight your event’s sponsors.

Enter them into your system, and you’re ready to use them on your displays. Then, using real-time statistics, assess the impact of your tweets and #hashtags and make quick modifications to improve the effectiveness of your communications.

Also, moderating from your phone, laptop, or tablet is beneficial. Snapcastr also is a master at keeping spam at bay.

● PresentersWall

To keep attendees engaged at your event, have them react to polls or questions via their smartphones on your mobile site. Then, display their comments and questions on a screen, and generate real-time results based on the information gathered through the Q&A.

Attendees can connect with your speaker without asking questions through microphones, thanks to PresentersWall. These outcomes should be saved and improved for the next tournament. This would be useful in tracking replies for my upcoming presentations.

● Tagboard

Using hashtags, a simple but efficient social media wall collects content. Tagboard’s fantastic themes add life to your social media feeds.

Tagboard brings together hashtag posts from several social media platforms in one location. It uses Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to gather content. Moderate your material from anywhere with one click. Remove undesirable content quickly and choose which posts to display on your event screen or hashtag wall.

Responsive layouts improve content visibility and make it simple to present live photographs and comments at your event.

● Eventifier

This platform ensures the proper use of user-generated content by allowing your customers to speak for you. View corporate information, team members, fundraising efforts, and more with Eventifier, the most innovative way to preserve your events. In addition, it aids in gathering social media information from conferences, meetings, and other events, as well as the creation of archives.

● Crowdscreen

CrowdScreen has the appropriate option for events that require complete privacy. Attendees can express themselves freely without their thoughts being broadcast to the rest of the world using their secure mobile private app. Their Q&A widget also works together, allowing you to collect responses securely and participants to respond anonymously. So when you need secrecy, you can count on it.

● Flockler

One of the most effective social media wall solutions for leveraging the power of user-generated content for your event. Brands and corporations can use Flockler to create social media feed for events and digital displays.

You can quickly create a slideshow social wall with automated feeds from several social platforms – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and more.

Flockler presents a 30-day free trial which allows you to create unlimited walls. In addition, this social media wall creation tool is mobile-friendly and has brilliant moderation features.

Wrapping Up!

We have presented a series of social media wall creation tools that provides you with brilliant options as every tool offers something different from the other. So, in case you have an event lined up, start creating a social media wall through social media wall that suits your style.