Beauty, Fitness and Wellness all in one platform – Beutics, UAE

Beutics App

Having multiple apps to book everything you need for wellness is a hassle. Imagine opening a different application for fitness, spa, massage, and other services. It’s truly tiring and time-consuming. But, will you still settle for multiple applications when you can have them in one? There is an existing application downloadable from the Google Playstore and App Store. This app is called Beutics. This app is considered as a marketplace for Wellness, Fitness, and Beauty providers. If you are someone who is into fitness and health, you will find hundreds of spas, gyms, salons, dental clinics, instructors, trainers, and other similar roles in Beutics.

I’ve downloaded the app on my mobile and wow was I amazed. Once I opened the app I was greeted by Beutics, calling me Awesome and introducing itself, with the words being typed so it seems like someone is actually talking to me.

As soon as I opened the app, Beutics welcomed me with a greeting message and introduced itself, like someone was actually conversing with me. It lets me know that this is a one-stop-application to book everything in a schedule that fits my busy life.

Once I completed registration, 50 dirhams were credited in my Beutics wallet account. Then to increase it, I started referring to my friends and closed ones. As soon as they signed up with my referral code I started receiving AED 50 in my wallet.

After completing the initial setup, the app provided me with 5 different services: Salon, Spa, Fitness, Aesthetic and Home services to choose from, which is available for both genders and children. Under each service, we can book multiple desired sub-service like Hair cut, manicure, and henna in one go. After selecting the salon, I was able to check the reviews, offers, cashback for each service and a few more. Beutics saves me so much time rather than waiting in a call/queue for booking.

Beutics is also a place where you can find good Trainers who can help you in keeping your mind at peace and fit without getting out of the home. Checkout there are various services available at home.  

The spectacular offers really provide the offers we all desire to keep our budget under control.  In Did you know the button, it provided us with interesting facts and information like brazilian wax, teeth veneers, yoga and more. The forum enables us to ask the expert questions about particular service or advice.