arcensus GmbH launches its direct-to-consumer (DTC) service, myLifeHeart™, pursuing a revolution in early diagnosis of genetically based heart diseases.

Arndt Rolfs, M.D., co-founder and Medical Director of arcensus
Arndt Rolfs, M.D., co-founder and Medical Director of arcensus

ROSTOCK and BERLIN, Germany – (Arab Newswire) — arcensus GmbH is proud to announce the launch of its direct-to-consumer myLifeHeart™ service, based on Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It generates actionable genetic and clinical information for all who suffer from hereditary heart conditions, have family members suffer or being diagnosed with a medically relevant heart condition, or seek to prevent genetic heart diseases in future. With myLifeHeart™, arcensus sequences the entire genomic DNA and analyses more than 450 genes related to heart conditions.

“myLifeHeart™ makes it possible for everyone to access a diagnosis for heart-diseases from their home, with affordable pricing. The arcensus team has done an outstanding job in developing a service by combining years of scientific research, as well as genetic and medical expertise.” said Arndt Rolfs, M.D., co-founder and Medical Director of arcensus.

Heart diseases

Diseases of the heart and blood vessels are a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Up to 18 million people, including even 1% of completely healthy and active athletes, die every year from these disorders. Public prevention strategies have relied on managing environmental factors that contribute to cardiac diseases, such as obesity, smoking, and lack of exercise. However, the crucial role of genetics in heart diseases has just recently become evident.

Many genetic heart disorders can be successfully treated if identified early. Numerous national and international societies of cardiovascular specialists such as the American Heart Association, the European Heart Rhythm Association, and the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics recommend genetic testing to diagnose cardiac disorders. However, most of the affected individuals have a long diagnostic odyssey including multiple hospital admissions, as well as expensive and invasive clinical investigations. To address this issue, arcensus created an innovative product, myLifeHeart™ with the help of cutting-edge technology to exclude the effect of genetics in heart-diseases. myLifeHeart™ is the only product in the market covering this high number of genes related to heart-diseases. Most importantly, only a small amount of saliva sample is needed for the diagnosis of heart-diseases with myLifeHeart™, creating life-long valid results.

About arcensus

arcensus GmbH offers sophisticated genomics testing and preventive health services to give all individuals certainty and actionable insights about their health. The basis of the knowledge-generating direct-to-consumer business is an innovative WGS strategy. WGS captures all genetic variants that are missed in single gene or panel testing. The direct-to-consumer business model allows the early identification of individuals suffering from a potential genetic disorder or those at risk for such problems. Such a strategy is particularly valuable when diseases are life-threatening or even fatal as sudden death or aortic dissection at their first presentation.

From our headquarters in Rostock and Berlin, Germany, a cross-functional team of genetic experts, medical doctors, and data scientists work to make the most sophisticated and best genetic interpretation with medical and health prevention applications accessible to everyone.

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