AND BEYOND: A new era of Production and Digital Engagement with Marwan Khoury

Lebanese Artist Marwan Khoury
Lebanese Artist Marwan Khoury

BEIRUT, LEBANON – (ARAB NEWSWIRE) – AND BEYOND has recently collaborated with the renowned Lebanese Artist Marwan Khoury, creating and directing the music video of his latest song “Yeslamli Li Bighar”, shot in Beirut, in a very fun and enthusiastic environment, showcasing the artist in a different and new perspective.

AND BEYOND’s CEO, Nancy Fakhoury, declared that this collaboration with Khoury was quite different, it was not only a music video, it is a new vision for Lyric Music Video, which are very trendy nowadays. Fakhoury adds: “we raised the bar of creativity, we created a Zero Gravity environment, followed by a conceptual editing and adequate motion graphics for lyrics. It is a challenge to create a concept, with renowned artist who are calling for change, yet being updated with the digital market new era”.

On another level, AND BEYOND creates a full-fledged campaign in addition to the music video, and Marwan’s audience was very surprised about the content he was promoting and publishing before the song’s release; it is a combination of niche- targeted content (fanbase), and creative engaging content based on challenges and behind the scenes, unrevealed, shots from the music video:

A new era of Production and Digital Engagement is now evolving with AND BEYOND’s creative assets, setting new norms for artists and public figures, creating visionary and anticipating projects!

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About And Beyond

And Beyond was established in Beirut in 2018 under the supervision of Nancy Fakhoury (Founder and CEO), and it expanded the offices and presence to Riyadh- Saudi Arabia by end of 2021, within a development and expansion plan. The company caters different entertainment sectors, creative content creation alongside with digital strategies and fresh talents market incarnation.

And Beyond opens new horizons throughout digital solutions, graphic and motion design, brand establishment, activation and development, building bridges and finding common fields facilitating creative operations as well as content creation in different types, in order to launch and organize campaigns and promotional outlets.

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Nancy Al Fakhoury

CEO & Founder

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