All you need to know about HACCP & TACCP Certification

HACCP and TACCP Certification

Now day’s people are well aware and concern about their Health and diseases, for the public it is very easy now to gain and updating the knowledge about food Safety and local law & orders through internet browsing, government portals, newspapers and social media’s. Public taking more care while choosing the food products from the market. UAE Government initiated many food safety and monitoring programs to prevent and control the Food Fraud related Hazards.

Benefits of HACCP Certification in Your Business?

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. It identify the Food risk in your business related to foreign objects (Physical Hazards), Sanitation and cleaning materials (chemical Hazards) and Pathogens (Microbiological Hazards).

For the control of Food risk what we have to do?

Answer is simple, you’ve to obtain HACCP Certification. Yes, obtaining HACCP Certification is a implementation of HACCP System, it ensures that the raw materials (From the Farm House) to finished goods (Fork, going to be eaten) are passing through a monitoring system. Company have to developed a monitoring team called HACCP TEAM. The team consist of multi-disciplinary members from different departments ensure that all the critical process and Flow are controlled by Critical control points and by Critical Limits. Top Management commitment and involvement is very important in throughout the Successful HACCP system implementation process.

HACCP Certification is applicable to food industry or food related business such as food manufacturers, food suppliers, food processing units and catering businesses as well. The main foundation and basement for the HACCP system is GMP, Prerequisite program and HACCP Plan.

The preliminary steps and HACCP Seven principles are globally accepted by all government authorities, world trade organizations and food industries as well caters. Without HACCP certificate in UAE it is very difficult to enter in approved supplier list, as government mandatory requirement for food stuff was HACCP certificate.

What is the importance of Food Security in Business, TACCP certification: Threat assessment Critical Control Point?

Food fraud, adulteration of food or Intentional and malicious contamination by act of an employee or group of peoples. The act of contamination is behaviorally or ideologically plan causes serious threat or harm or illness to the consumer or to public, Similar to HACCP system hazard analysis and risk identification in the business, manufacturing and distribution from attackers, the threat either come from internal or external sources. So having a HACCP certified system you can ensure that all the process the food pass through are controlled and monitoring. In TACCP certification requirement wide range of multi-disciplinary employee involvement than HACCP. Example, Any criminal background checks for the employees, Manufacturing unit, Storage security, IT security, transportation security. TACCP made as a defensive method and Food Security to prevent someone committing a crime. TACCP is proactively protect and guard from serious threats and ensure that corrective action and responsibilities given to team and with discuss in the Management review meetings and approval by the top management.

So it is clear that for the Food business industries prevention from Food Risk and Food Security for the continual improvement and sustain in the market and global, have to undergo HACCP certification.


This is a guest post from Arif Muhammed Basheer. He is a Lead Auditor in ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 22000:2005 and Master in Food Processing Technology and LAW Graduate, professional from India. He had done audit to many small and large scale Food and Non Food Industries in India, Oman, Saudi and UAE.

He also a Food Safety and Hygiene Trainer had approvals from the various Municipalities for conducting public health food safety trainings to the local business and Food handlers inside the UAE. Arif Muhammed Basheer is currently working at TUV Southwest Company, Dubai.